Cable/Fiber Technician

  1. 3+ years of working experience as a cable/fiber technician.
  2. Experience in installation of cable/fiber line, troubleshooting cable/fiber and line issues.
  3. Experience in handling Headend equipments and excellent ability to diagnose and resolve cable/fiber related issues.
  4. Experience in construction, splicing, fusing, testing and maintenance of fiber optic cables will be an added advantage.
  5. Must have Valid Driver’s License with a satisfactory driving record.
  1. To deliver services to customer home; to analyze, locate and repair any technical field problems as requested by customer work order.
  2. To install, disconnect, relocate cable/fiber outlets, install splitters, converters, decoders, and other cable hardware at the subscriber’s premises.
  3. To locate and correct system defects occurring in the plant up to and including the line extenders/amplifiers.
  4. To inspect, monitor, test and adjust cable/fiber transmission and distribution systems.
  5. To repair or replace faulty cables, power supplies, amplifiers and other associated transmission and distribution equipment.
  6. Responsible for Headend upkeep and maintenance of the cable system.
  7. Perform all duties of an Installer/Repair Technician on cable/fiber system.
  8. Perform periodic signal leakage inspection throughout the cable system.
  9. Perform general repair and maintenance operations as needed and replace old or damaged equipment as required such as service drops, lockboxes, amplifiers, taps and associated hardware.
  10. Ensures that all Company property in use is properly utilized and maintained.
  11. Ensures timely completion and resolution of all work orders assigned and/or proper notification of delays.
  12. Job Location:

    Clay City, KY
    Jackson, KY
    Hyden, KY
    Hannibal, OH
    White Sulphur Springs, WV
    Enterprise, OR

    Outbound Telemarketing Sales Representatives

    Understands and effectively communicates knowledge of all video product and services, including new and varied technological features, product equipment functionality, existing programming content, pricing, packaging and lineup to both prospective and existing customers. Understands all phases and aspects of the customer billing system and is able to interpret and explain to the customer current and historical information contained within the system in response to any customer related inquiries. Prepares for sales calls and documents sales calls. Demonstrates professional salesmanship through the use of highly developed sales techniques and effective presentation skills.

    1. Articulate, with strong oral and written communication skills. Must be detail oriented.
    2. Ability to work independently and be self-motivated.
    3. Strong negotiation and problem solving skills.
    4. A minimum of 1 year proven track record of success of consumer sales preferred.
    5. Proven track record of success in sales of telecommunications products a plus.
    6. Strong PC skills.